Our production facilities are quite impressive. 17 differently designed transfer presses and 10 automatic punching presses, of which several are already equipped with a servo drive give us the flexibility of an optimal machine utilisation. On the one hand, this ensures our quality standards and, on the other hand, enables us to produce economically.

Through regular care and maintenance, which is consistently carried out according to the principle of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and investments in new equipment, we have modern machinery available. This allows us to meet the tight tolerances we promised our customers. In order to meet future requirements at our location, we ensured sufficient expansion reserve.


  • Press force: 600 – 1500 kN
  • max. number of steps: 21
  • max. drawn part height: 90 mm


  • Press force: 630 – 2500 kN
  • max. drawn part Length: 45 mm
  • max. table length: 2000 mm


Dealing with materials in the deep drawing process is a science in itself. On the one hand, the material to be formed, but also the tool, must be supported in the process by suitable lubricants. On the finished part, however, the corresponding adhesions must be completely removed. Apart from these requirements, the environmental aspect also plays an important role. With the help of modern deep-drawing oils and emulsions, our know-how and corresponding technology, we can guarantee that the parts are processed in a way that protects the material, is subsequently free from residues and, last but not least, takes the environmental aspect into account.


Mechanical surfaces

A large selection of grinding and polishing agents, used on differently designed equipment, enables us to design the surface exactly according to customer requirements: gloss polishing, ball polishing, barrel finishing (deburring) and more.

Galvanic surfaces

Galvanic surface finishing is possible according to DIN and customer standards in barrel and rack plating. Whether Ni, FeZn, ZnFe, ZnNi, silver or other materials, almost everything is feasible. External partners perform these tasks with the same quality standards our entire production is based on.

Heat treatment

With our external partners, we can offer a variety of measures, such as:

  • oxidation annealing
  • recrystallisation annealing
  • gas carbonitriding and post-oxidation
  • kolsterising
  • plasma nitriding
  • stainihard


In addition to a large number of standard measuring instruments and a large number of article-specific attributive testing equipment and devices, we naturally also have equipment such as 3D measuring machines (optical, tactile and laser), contour recording equipment, a surface roughness meter, microscopes with photographic equipment, residual dirt analyser, X-ray fluorescence (film thickness measurement), facilities for metallurgical investigations and more. If corresponding 100% tests become necessary or are desired by the customer, both camera and eddy current tests can be offered and implemented.


A comprehensive system for collecting operating and process data, as well as an automated system for machine data acquisition, MES, were installed successfully. The data will be used to detect vulnerabilities and prevent waste of resources. Our integrated management system (IMS) ensures complete information company-wide. All processes are described in this system and all required documents are stored centrally.

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